About me

100 Ejercicios de Español A1-A2 e A2-B1
100 Ejercicios de Español A1-A2 e A2-B1

My name is Valeria and I have always been passionate about foreign languages and cultures. I have spent most of my life in Italy, but I have always felt a strong connection to Latin America and the Spanish language, as my father is of Argentine origin.


My love for languages led me to study Foreign Literatures at the University of Bologna and later to specialize in the Master's program in Learning and Teaching of Spanish in Multilingual and International Contexts at the University of Deusto, in Spain. During my studies, I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil and the Netherlands, where I had the chance to teach Spanish.


Currently, I live in Barcelona, where I work as a Spanish teacher and I am always searching for new methods and tools to make my lessons more fun and effective.
Over the years, I have written four books in Spanish, two of which in collaboration with one of the largest Italian publishing houses, Feltrinelli, while the other two independently. I continue to cultivate my passion for languages and culture, always seeking to learn something new every day.

Spanish Courses

I have been teaching Spanish for over 15 years. During this time, I have developed and refined my learning strategies and memorization techniques, which I offer to my students to help them achieve their language goals. My teaching methodology focuses on the individual, even in group contexts, ensuring maximum clarity and gradual progression.


Group lessons are highly interactive, encouraging active participation from students. In particular, my DELE exam preparation courses are one of my strengths: I can boast a 100% success rate among my students who have all achieved the Instituto Cervantes certificate.


For students who want an even more personalized learning experience, I also offer private lessons, designed to meet their specific language needs. Additionally, I also work with companies and professionals, providing customized courses with manuals and materials developed specifically to meet their unique requirements.


Choosing my courses means opting for a professional, motivating, and highly personalized approach to your Spanish language learning journey.

Spanish Conversation

If you're ready to take your Spanish to the next level, I have exactly what you need! With my Spanish conversation and communication course, I'll offer you not only the opportunity to practice and improve your fluency and confidence, but also tips and techniques to overcome fears and obstacles in speaking Spanish. This course is designed for those who already have an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish but want to consolidate their conversation skills and learn idiomatic expressions. Don't miss the opportunity to refine your language skills in a welcoming and stimulating environment!

Beginner Spanish

If you are looking for an effective way to start your Spanish language learning journey, you are in the right place! Thanks to my experience in the field of language teaching, I will be able to provide you with all the advice and tools necessary to learn Spanish quickly and effectively.

Intermediate Spanish

If you want to take your knowledge of the Spanish language to the next level, my intermediate course is what you need. With my guidance, you will be able to deepen your knowledge of Spanish colloquial expressions and learn how to use past tenses and subjunctive verb forms accurately and appropriately.

DELE Exam Preparation

If your goal is to obtain the internationally recognized Spanish certificate from the Instituto Cervantes, then my DELE exam preparation course is what you need.


With my experience and expertise in preparing students for this exam, I will be able to provide you with all the necessary study strategies and techniques to achieve the best possible results.

Private Spanish Lessons

If you are looking for a highly personalized learning journey for the Spanish language, my private courses are the right choice for you. Regardless of your starting level, my goal is to provide you with a flexible and tailored study program to meet your specific needs.

Spanish books

Thanks to my experience as a Spanish teacher, I have understood the needs of students and decided to write Spanish books starting from 2016.


So far, I have published four books, two with Feltrinelli publishing house, which focus on reading in Spanish and discovering Hispanic culture, and two independently published books dedicated to practicing Spanish grammar, ideal for consolidating linguistic skills and preparing for exams.


Discover my Spanish books and let yourself be guided on your language learning journey!

Libro di spagnolo
100 Spanish Exercises A1-A2

The book "100 Spanish Exercises A1-A2" is ideal for beginners and those who want to review basic Spanish grammar rules. It contains 100 exercises divided into 25 thematic sections. Each section focuses on a specific aspect of Spanish grammar, including verbs, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, connectors, and other related topics. The book is available in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon.com.

100 Spanish Exercises A2-B1
100 Spanish Exercises A2-B1

The book "100 Spanish Exercises" is suitable for intermediate-level students and those who want to consolidate their Spanish grammar knowledge. It contains 100 exercises divided into 25 thematic sections, each of which explores a specific aspect of Spanish grammar, such as verbs, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, connectors, and more. The book is available in paperback on Amazon.com.

Letture di spagnolo
Spanish to read, to laugh, to learn

"Spanish to read, to laugh, to learn" is a book that proposes a different and fun way to learn Spanish. The book contains 10 original stories written in Spanish and each story is used to teach new vocabulary, expressions, and Spanish grammar. The author uses an innovative methodology based on learning through fun and humor, with the aim of making the learning of the Spanish language a more enjoyable and engaging experience. The book is available in paperback on Amazon.com.

Curiosità sullo spagnolo
Spanish in 5 minutes

The book "Spanish in 5 minutes" is a practical and fun guide to learn Spanish without too much effort. The book includes a wide range of activities and games that help improve oral and written comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.

In addition to classic text comprehension exercises, there are also tongue twisters, false friends, word games, crosswords, recipes, and idiomatic expressions. The book is available in paperback on Amazon.com.

Spanish videos

In 2009, I started wanting to share the knowledge I acquired through grammar and culture videos that I then published on YouTube.

Esponvideo is now a channel specialized in teaching the Spanish language. It offers numerous videos on grammar, vocabulary, and culture, all completely free.


Spanish teachers and students can use the channel as a complementary tool to traditional lessons, while beginners can learn Spanish in a simple and intuitive way.


The videos are created to meet the needs of students and use the easiest and most intuitive methods for learning.


I also host live sessions dedicated to specific aspects of the Spanish language, such as accents, pronunciation, and idiomatic expressions, which allow you to ask me questions and interact with me directly!


The channel is ideal for those who want to improve their knowledge of Spanish for free, easily, and suitable for students of all levels.